Tooth Extractions

tooth diagram

Tooth Extractions may be necessary for a number of reasons – such as severely decayed, infected or overcrowded teeth.

If you are anxious about proceeding with an extraction. We offer a number of sedation options. From minimal to moderate sedation or even general anesthetic.

When the treatment is completed, we will review postoperative instructions with you and our team will follow up with a phone call the next day to check on you.  Contact us today! 

Wisdom Teeth

Do I need them removed?

Wisdom teeth or third molars don’t always present problems. Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t develop at all or they can erupt as other molars do - without complications and may require tooth extractions

Without pain or disease it may be best to monitor these teeth. Monitoring includes regular check ups and x-rays to track their development. But when issues arise, it is often because of lack of space to properly erupt. They may also only partially erupt or not erupt at all. Pain can arise when these teeth get trapped in the underlying bone and gums, which can also cause disease. If it is determined that they need to be removed or extracted - we can discuss the options for their removal including sleep dentistry.

If you are in need of an extraction contact us today!

Teeth Pulling