TMJ/TMD Therapy

temp-bular joint

TMJ/TMD Therapy. The temporomandibular joint is also known as the TMJ.  It is the joint that connects the mandible or lower jaw to your skull at the temporal bones.

TMJ disorders or TMD can occur when there are problems with the muscles, bones or joints in the jaws, neck or face.

There are many signs and symptoms of TMD. Here are some of the most common TMD symptoms:

- Pain in the face, jaw, neck or ear area
- A clicking or popping sound – when opening or closing the mouth
- Swelling of the face or jaws
- A locking of the jaw - in either the open or closed position
- Tenderness to touching of the jaw, face or neck muscles

Our general dental practitioners at Fifth Avenue Dental can help determine the proper diagnosis based on your symptoms and come up with a TMJ/TMD therapy treatment plan best suited for you.  Call us today!