For many people, visiting the dentist can be a source of dental anxiety and stress. But what if you could make your dental appointment stress-free? At Fifth Avenue Dental in Orangeville, we offer sleep dentistry to help make your experience more comfortable.


What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry, often referred to as sedation dentistry, involves the use of medication to ensure patients remain calm and relaxed throughout their dental treatment.

This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals with dental anxiety or phobia, and for those requiring extensive dental procedures.

Sedation dentistry offers versatility, with no limitations on the types of dental treatments that can be performed under sedation.

Why use Sleep

Sleep dentistry is an excellent choice for those facing dental anxiety or for patients needing multiple procedures in a single visit. At Fifth Avenue Dental in Orangeville, we provide three distinct sedation options – nitrous oxide (often referred to as a ‘nitrous dentist’), oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. This variety ensures our patients can select the sedation method that best aligns with their needs and preferences.

Can anyone use
Sleep Dentistry?

Absolutely! Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, is an ideal solution for those who feel anxious about dental visits or have trouble achieving numbness. It’s also highly suitable for individuals with complex dental requirements, enabling them to undergo multiple procedures in a single appointment.

This method involves administering medication to help you relax during your dental treatment, with our skilled team at Fifth Avenue Dental vigilantly monitoring you throughout the procedure to guarantee your safety and comfort.