We are dedicated to assisting New Patients in achieving and maintaining optimum oral health within a welcoming environment. Fifth Avenue Dental is your best choice for those seeking an Orangeville Dentist.

Why Choose
Fifth Avenue?

We are trusted providers for all your dental service needs. Fifth Avenue Dental upholds the
highest standards to ensure you get the very best out of your smile.

Comfortable Office

Enjoy the comforts of a well-thought-out dental office - with comfortable seating, and state-of-the-art equipment and tools.


Our knowledgeable staff comes equipped with valuable insights and experience in the dental industry.

State-of-Art Technology

Our location is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure your treatments are top-of-the-line in quality and comfort.

On-Site Laboratory

Our on-site laboratory ensures speedy turnaround times and top-quality assurance in the work we do.


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Fifth Avenue Dental Services

Discover the range of dental services we provide for New Patients, from cleanings to restorations, sleep dentistry, orthodontics, and more!


Get the smile you've always wanted, whether you require veneers, teeth whitening, or other cosmetic procedures.


Make your family's dental care experience comfortable and friendly with Fifth Avenue Dental


Our orthodontic treatments aim to straighten your teeth and increase your self-confidence!


Tooth extractions are handled carefully and precisely at Fifth Avenue Dental, with an emphasis on your comfort and dental health.

Crowns &

Restore worn or damaged teeth and improve function and appearance with crowns and bridges that seem natural.


Keep your mouth looking great and ease discomfort with root canal procedures that serve your oral hygiene.


Replace missing teeth with dental implants for a complete and perfect grin.


See Fifth Avenue Dental's Sleep Dentistry services for your comfort and peace of mind.

Meet Our Dental Team

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Smile Bright: Your Guide

to Dental Health and Wellness

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Fifth Avenue Dental goes beyond being merely a dental clinic. We are a team of professionals passionate about brightening the dental health and smile quality of every New Patient. Offering an extensive array of dental solutions, we are dedicated to making your smile vibrant and healthy from cheek to cheek.